Friday, June 12, 2015

More Website Blocking for Australia

Now that Netflix is available in Australia, you might think you don't need a VPN. Think again.

The government, with opposition support, is planning to pass more site-blocking legislation, ostensibly to address piracy this time. They're even considering whether VPNs should be legal or not. There's no way they will criminalize them until a few more rounds of fascist scope creep have occurred, but whether or not they're ultimately successful, they will try.

When they finally do attempt to criminalize VPNs, there'll be a mental test, with the law worded something like "using a VPN with intent to access illegal services". Then it will be modified to "using a VPN in a way that could reasonably be considered to be for bad things m'kay". And there'll be a carve-out to protect business use, so that businesses don't complain and the government can screw individuals without endangering their campaign finances.

Anyway, get a VPN and tell your MPs to mind their own business.

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