Saturday, September 15, 2012

Tyrannosaurus Lex

His judgements are firm, but fair.

OK, that's enough time-wasting. I've really got to get back to this essay now...

Animation: Product Launch

This is unrelated to my previous post, which also happened to contain an animation of mine.

This one is just because I am procrastinating about writing an essay on cybercrime, and I was wondering if there are limits to how much any old mundane product could be over-hyped.

I was told by someone I know that posting comments on my blog isn't working at the moment - It's rare enough that anyone wants to comment, so I don't exactly test the functionality. Tweet to me @dcrafti if you have any problems.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

University: Time Well Spent

Here's a flip animation I did in the margins of some lecture notes back in my uni days around a decade ago. I can't remember what subject it was, and I can't be bothered finding the notes, but I think it was introductory telecommunications or something equally compelling.
I'd been meaning to make this into an animated gif to preserve it for future generations, and finally got around to it tonight, when I should be working on an essay about cybercrime.

Well, that's enough procrastination...