Monday, April 9, 2012

Jumps racing: Solutions, not problems

Jumps teaching keeps coming up in the media as a particularly cruel form of racing. The horses jump over hurdles, sometimes trip, and then have to be killed if they break a leg.

Opponents focus in trying to ban the activity, supporters focus on opposing the opponents, and most people just don't care.

So why not change how the whole activity works, rather then just keep fighting?

Here's what I'm thinking:
- Modify the hurdles so that they are basically made of upright, flattened bundles of hay, through which a horse could run if needed, without being injured or tripped.
- Then, run some magnetic detectors next to the jumps, a well as through the jumps at intervals, if necessary.
- Then, attach coded, RFID tags to the horses' feet.

In this way, it should be a simple matter of figuring out if a horse has hit a jump, and how badly, without needing to trip and kill the horses.

Penalise horses when they hit a jump, and the problem is solved.

Seems pretty simple. What do you think?

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