Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Letter to Melbourne's Lord Mayor regarding the Occupy Melbourne protest

This is the letter that I sent to Melbourne's Lord Mayor, Robert Doyle (, regarding the Occupy Melbourne protest. I have heard rumours that he is planning to dismantle the rally, which I think will cause the opposite effect to what is intended.

The protesters are the symptom, not the cause, and as such, sipping the protests will not solve anything. Taking money and dodgy lobbyists out of politics is what's needed. We need a good kick of transparency and accountability.

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Considering that the Occupy **** movement is all about restoring government transparency and accountability, it seems like a really bad idea to break up a peaceful protest.

Doing this will have the effect of cementing the views of the protesters and getting more people on board to the position that government has something to hide, and special interests to protect.

Please leave the protesters alone.


David Crafti

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