Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Samsung Galaxy S II

I'm typing this on my shiny new Samsung Galaxy S II... and I'm just not sure.

I have to type in the plain text box, because the keyboard doesn't come up in the rich text box. Typing a conma folkowed by a space doesn't put the keyboard back on the letters screen.

There are so many apps on this thing by default, and most of them are optus shovelware.
There's no single screen of important apps. The Google apps aren't well integrated, in fact despite setting up other email accounts, and linking a Gmail account, I can't even find my Gmail account on here. I can't hook up my work email, which uses exchange, because it says that the Exchange admin wants admin access for my phone including the ability to take all data and wipe it remotely, to which I can't agree. IPhones don't have the same requirement.

Scrolling is weird. There's no elasticity when scrolling to the edge of screens and flinging my finger around in Google Earth sometimes sends the map panning, but usually stops as soon as the finger leaves the screen.
While typing this, I can't see most of the text box (on a Google website), because the text box is wider than the screen and nothing is resized properly. There's no easy way to navigate around inside this text box in which I am typing. This is my worst-written post and I can't even tell if there's anything past this sentence, so I might edit this later from a PC.

The hardware's great, but the software's far less pokished than on an iPhone, which I hate to admit.

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