Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Ways to Prove Homoeopathy doesn't Work

These experiments are not intended to be fully double-blind compliant or anything, but they are more scientific than homoeopathy, as low a bar as that may be.

Method #1:

1. Make a solution containing 9 parts water and one part bowling ball.
2. Stir.
3. Extract a drop of solution.
4. To the drop, add 10 litres of water.
5. Repeat 3-4 several times to ensure that no bowling ball remains in the solution
6. Drink the solution: You will notice that nothing happens.

Now, post your own ways of disproving homoeopathy in the comments.


  1. although the homoeopathy cure for dehydration works pretty well... take 1 part water, dilute it with 10L water, repeat 3-4 times... drink.

  2. The homoeopathy cure for sobriety sucks though. Take 1 part vodka, dilute with 10L water, repeat 3-4 times - drink. Notice you're not drunk.

  3. One day however, homoeopathic contraceptives will give us a lovely child.