Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Anti-censorship event on March 6th!

Hi everybody,

The planning for the Melbourne event is going along well. It has been endorsed by EFA, and it will have speakers from:
  • EFA
  • The Greens
  • Australian Sex Party
  • Exit International
  • A couple of socialist groups, and...
  • Pirate Party Australia
Crap! What have I gotten myself in for. I have to write a speech... And deliver it. This will be my first public, real-world speech as president of Pirate Party Australia.
I'm sure I can write something decent, but the delivery makes me somewhat nervous. Nothing for it, but to push on through. I've taken a day off work to ensure I have enough time to put together something decent.

Anyway, come along for a laugh (at me), and to learn about the censorship issue, if you don't know about it already.

Also, some progress is being made on swag, but we have to get the artwork to be perfect for the manufacturer. It feels like it should be easier.

Also, during o-week, I went to Monash Clayton on one of the days on the spur of the moment. Thanks to Steve for letting me take leave with little notice. I was hoping to be able to pick up whatever permits I needed to hand out information an sign up members, but they were sold out, and the permits are apparently expensive. I tried to come up with loopholes that would allow me to hand out information, and eventually settled on trying to find a group who would let me put my information on display at their stall. Most groups said no, but then one group not only said yes, they also let me sit with them and sign up people. I got 17 members, which is not bad for a few hours in meat space. We are now only about 80 memberships away from being able to register.

That'll do for now.

Actually, check out the blog of one of the organisers for a great story.


David Crafti

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