Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Canadian copyright expert Michael Geist has revealed some details of the ongoing ACTA negotiations, and the result is truly frightening.
Pirate Party Australia has issued a press release about ACTA. Please read it, and if it scares the hell out of you as much as it should, then please consider joining us to help fight against this reckless stupidity.

In short, the world's major powers are negotiating with media companies to create a treaty that would mean that, for example, anyone in the world whose ISP is sent 3 letters claiming some kind of copyright infringement, could potentially be cut off from the internet, permanently.
There would be no charges laid and no court appearance.

In addition, websites like youTube or Google would be forced to police all their content to ensure that none of it breaches copyright. If they don't, they can be penalised heavily for the actions of their users. This will create a major Chilling Effect, where people will be afraid of posting anything, even when entirely legal, for fear that someone might send a complaint that would result in their being disconnected from the internet forever. Services like Google would start taking down legal content as well, for the same reason. How can they risk being accused of harbouring copyright-infringing content, if it might destroy the company?

This whole ACTA treaty enables a massive invasion of privacy, and limits freedom of speech to tyrannical levels. The U.S. spent decades fighting the Soviets in order to protect the same freedoms they are now complicit in destroying.

They ought to be ashamed, but of course, they aren't.

Our Australian government is also deeply involved in this process.
Contact your Senators and your Representative and let them know this is unacceptable!

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